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Allow CERTIFI to flow through your organisation and create greatness.

And This Is Just The Beginning. Prepare to be amazed!

CERTIFI Services has years of experience so we actively support you to ensure that you operate in a cost effective, safe and legal manner. We help the Owners, Directors, Trustees, Management and Staff to deliver the objectives of the organisation

  • Staying the right side of the ever changing legislation
  • Assisting with identification of funding and grant submissions
  • Website and social media creation
  • Volunteer and employee management
  • Establishing the outcome and benefits review
  • Financial and Operation performance and management
  • Accounting and payroll

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15 Whitegates, Northampton N 9XA

Phone: 0370 334 1508

Mobile: 07503 787508

CERTIFI Team Leader

Nigel Hinch
Managing Consultant and Joint Owner